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Corp Bugfixes

Ceikry requested to merge grave-zonerestriction into master

What have you done in this MR?

  • Corp now correctly only destroys summons that have entered the boss room proper
  • Corp destroys summons after exactly 10 seconds (source is cited on the line of code)
  • Corp now repeatedly fullheals if there's no players active in the room (meaning you cannot just cannon it to death)
  • You no longer get a grave if you die in the corp boss room.

Testers: Check all of the above please :)

Are there any tricky things testers should keep an eye out for?

  • No

  • Yes, as follows:

  • I have tested these changes thoroughly.

  • This requires extra testing due to changes to architecture or other similarly risky changes.

  • I used the Thanos Tool for any JSON edits, I did not edit any JSON files by hand (MR will be rejected if there are manual JSON edits).

  • I acknowledge that this contribution will be released under the AGPL license.

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