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Player safety overhaul

GregF requested to merge Gregf36665/2009scape:playerSafety into master

What has been done in this MR?

  • Port Player Safety Stronghold entirely to Kotlin (See #230)
  • Fix #1001 (closed)
  • Add 2 commands setplayerstrong and setplaqueread to help with testing
  • Added missing cockroach soldiers to floor 1 of the player stronghold dungeon

What should testers check?

  • Before you read the plaques the guard does not let you upstairs
  • You can read multiple plaques without clicking thumbs up and the game does not crash
  • You cannot go behind the poster before passing the test
  • You can use the door to get in and out of the classroom after being let upstairs
  • You must get the test correct to pass.
  • All the wrong answers have logical messages telling you what is wrong
  • After you complete the test you can go behind the poster in the basement to get to the dungeon
  • You get 2x 500 XP lamps after completing the test
  • You can get glove of safety
  • You receive the safety first emote after completing the test
  • setplayerstrong can be used to complete the player safety stronghold or reset it
  • setplaqueread can be used to re-read plaques to get past the guard.
  • You can try to talk to the students but you get told they are focusing on their work
  • Students desks no longer spin around when you talk at a different angles.
  • You can throw the lever then tele out then reenter via the poster
  • You can not claim the gloves with a full inventory
  • You can claim the gloves the first time with 1 slot free and some coin
  • You cannot claim the gloves the first time with 1 slot free and no coin
  • You can claim the gloves a second time after you lost the first ones
  • You cannot do that with 0 slots available
  • Music is implemented as part of !1809
  • You unlock Incarceration when you enter the upstairs jail for the first time [source]
  • You unlock Exam Conditions when you enter the exam room [source] Make sure to run around the outside before you go in to check the corners. Also check the music plays everywhere inside
  • You unlock Safety In Numbers when you enter the poster the first time [source]
  • If you die using ::permadeath you have to do everything again (test, door, crevice and rewards)
  • After you have used the rope to climb out you can use the crevice but not before. To reset this run ::setattribute player_strong:crevice_climbed false
  • Check that the first floor has soldiers in the NE room.


  • I have tested these changes thoroughly.

  • I used the relevant Thanos/Zaros tool for any JSON edits where possible, and have attached screenshots of any changes.



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