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# How to contribute
Contributions are welcome in any form :) The project currently maintained in [GitLab]( If you do not like to use its features, you can even write an email. (Hint: see [package.json](package.json) for details, or go to the [website](
For setting up the development environment see [](
## Translations
Translations are very important, and I can't do them. If you speak any language other than Hungarian then you have perfect skills for translation contributions! You can translate the application interface, or you can simply review the existing translations, fix translation issues, bugs, typos, or grammar issues. At the moment I have 0 translators, so any help is a BIG help.
How to translate? Simple and easy! The user interface is managed in [POEditor](, a great translation management system, and in that way translation is even fun! Feel free to join under this link: [Join Translation of Manonet](
Feel free to report or fix typos or grammar issues in the code-base too. (e.g. this file)
### My plan regarding translations
I have the following priority list in my mind if it goes about languages.
1. First thing first, the "default" language is **English**. Simply because it is the language of the internet and coding. I never really learned it, so there is definitely space for improvements.
2. **Hungarian** is the second default because this is my mother tongue. As simple as that.
3. I learned **German** in the school, so I added that language too. However, I am maybe the only one who understands my sentences, if you speak German, please review it.
4. As the first supported foreign languages, I plan to add European languages, like Slovak, Ukrainian, Romanian, Serb, etc. So languages, which have definitely unique keyboards, still have a smaller population. (In comparison to Russian for example.) It would be great to test the keyboard features, uncover bugs, and see if internalization really works.
5. My dream is to have the app also on **Russian** language. Russia is a big market. Very-very big market. No one will pay for the app, but still. I hope this dream comes true.
6. For sure, the next step is **French**, **Spanish**, **Italian**, and other European languages, which are used widely (because of historical reasons)
7. Other languages, which are spoken by some of my helpful friends.
Low priority languages
- Right to left languages. Sorry, it is not just about the translation, but more the layout, and first of all the app itself. It will be definitely a challenge. (or adding flex-direction: row-reverse; ...?)
- And of course ancient and extinct languages. Absolutely no time for that.
If you like to help in translation of **Any** language, just forget what I wrote. Join on the link or contact me.
#### Current status
- [![POEditor](]( - Hungarian
- [![POEditor](]( - English
- [![POEditor](]( - German
## Bug reports
If you like to report a bug, you can do it on [GitLab]( You can follow the [guidelines of GitLab]( or similar.
## Coding contributions
If you want to add an issue or pull request, please ensure that the existing issues don't already cover your question or contribution. It is recommended to get in touch before you start coding.
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[![pipeline status](](
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# Manonet Typewriter Program
Prototype: [](
[![Uptime Robot ratio (30 days)](](
This is a React app made with [Gatsby]( framework.
This is a [React]( app made with [Gatsby]( framework.
[![devDependencies Status](](
## Contributing
If you are interested in reporting/fixing issues and contributing directly to the code base, please see []( for more information.
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