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class Owoifier{
private $text;
private $emotes = [
function __construct(string $text){
$this->text = $text;
function owo(){
return new Owoifier(preg_replace(
'/[Tt]han/m', '/THAN/m',
'/([Mm])ore/m', '/MORE/m',
'/You|YOU/m', '/you/m',
'/ove/m', '/OVE/m',
'/n([aiueo])/m', '/N([aiueo])/m', '/N([AIUEO])/m',
'/r|l/m', '/R|L/m',
'/[Tt]h(?![Ee])/m', '/TH(?!E)/m',
'den', 'DEN',
'moaw', 'MOAW',
'U', 'u',
'uv', 'UV',
'ny\1', 'Ny\1', 'NY\1',
'w', 'W',
'f', 'F',
function __toString(){
# for print / echo
return $this->text;
function appendEmote(){
return new Owoifier(preg_replace_callback(
function ($match){
return ' ' . $this->emotes[array_rand($this->emotes)];
function prependEmote(){
return new Owoifier(preg_replace_callback(
function ($match){
return $this->emotes[array_rand($this->emotes)] . ' ';
function url(){ #
return sprintf(
isset($_SERVER['HTTPS']) && $_SERVER['HTTPS'] != 'off' ? 'https' : 'http',
$link = substr(filter_input(INPUT_SERVER, 'REQUEST_URI'), 1, -1);
$sn = htmlspecialchars(url());
if ($method == 'GET'){
$get = filter_input_array(INPUT_GET);
if (array_key_exists('msg', $get)){
# process message
$o = new Owoifier($get['msg']);
$resp = [
'str' => strval($o->owo()),
'links' => [
'actions' => [
'append_emojis' => $link.'&action=append_emoji',
'prepend_emojis' => $link.'&action=prepend_emoji',
if (array_key_exists('action', $get)){
if($get['action'] == 'append_emoji')
$resp['str'] = strval($o->owo()->appendEmote());
else if ($get['action'] == 'prepend_emoji')
$resp['str'] = strval($o->owo()->prependEmote());
# json response
header('Content-Type: application/json');
echo json_encode($resp);
} else {
# render home page
<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Owoifier API!!</title>
<meta charset=\"utf-8\">
body{font-family: 'Comic Sans MS', 'Comic Sans', sans-serif; text-align: center;}
pre{text-align: left; margin: auto; padding:0 30%; background:rgba(100,100,100,.5);}
ul{text-align: left;margin: auto; padding:10px 30%;}
<h1>Owoifier API</h1>
<p>OwO what's this?? *notices your owoifier* It'd be a shame if I...
tuwned it into a \"WESTful\" API?!?! OwO</p>
<p>R u tiwed of having to have a bot.. or... an app... for your
owoifier needs?? O.O Neva feaw!! Owoifier API is heaw!!! ^w^</p>
<p>Cuz u tech ppl love ur JSONs n ur REST n ur open souwces,,, we have it
<p>dat sed... Iz still vewy basic tho and it awways goes into max owodrive,,, sowwy *sob* ToT</p>
<h2>Towtally WESTful!!! uwu</h2>
<p>It's just fow da owo... no need fow POST, PATCH, ow any oda verb!! aww
u need is GET .w.
<p>So u can use it from ur web bowsah!! isn't it
convenient??? ^w^</p>
<p>Enter to ur web browsah (or cURL): <code>{$sn}?msg=Hello%20world!</code></p>
<p>U should have dis as an ouput:<pre><code>
\"str\": \"Hewwo wowwd!\",
\"links\": {
\"actions\": {
\"append_emojis\": \"?msg=Hello%20world&action=append_emoji\",
\"prepend_emojis\": \"?msg=Hello%20world&action=prepend_emoji\"
<li><code>msg</code> - string to owoify</li>
<li><code>action</code> - what to do after owoifying
<li><code>append_emojis</code> - append an emoji after every line</li>
<li><code>prepend_emojis</code> - prepend an emoji before every line</li>
<h2>Cwedits (・ω・)</h2>
<li>LeafySweets - for making the original owoify chrome extension</li>
<li><a href=\"\">mohan-cao</a> - for making the <a href=\"\">owoify-js</a> package that I referenced</li>
made in boredom by <a href=\"\">zumi</a> 2020
} else if ($method == 'POST') {
$post = filter_input_array(INPUT_POST);
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