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root: releasing v0.0.1

The patch marks the release of v0.0.1 godocgen.
Signed-off-by: (Holloway), Chew Kean Ho's avatar(Holloway) Chew, Kean Ho <>
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......@@ -25,15 +25,32 @@ Godocgen has a number of ways to install as a program in your operating system.
Let's look at these supported methods.
## Go Get
To install via `go get`, you simply do:
To install via `go get`, you simply do `go get` against a release branch
$ go get
$ go get
> **NOTE**: we decided to use branching over tagging mainly because the current
> version folder enforcement forces people to do code duplications and messed up
> user guides. Due to the enforcement, it is better to use protective branches
> to go get over tagging.
This will install the binary automatically inside your `$GOBIN` (or
`$GOPATH/bin` path).
### Supported Versions
These are the supported versions:
$ go get
## DEB Package (Coming Soon)
The DEB package server hosting is planned and will be supported soon.
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