Unverified Commit ea345b1d authored by Scott Lahteine's avatar Scott Lahteine Committed by GitHub

Merge pull request #8738 from lumbric/bugfix-1.1.x

Add missing CPP files to Make file, fixes #8731
parents 51a0f7aa 3a511e45
......@@ -304,13 +304,8 @@ ifeq ($(HARDWARE_VARIANT), Teensy)
SRC = wiring.c
VPATH += $(ARDUINO_INSTALL_DIR)/hardware/teensy/cores/teensy
CXXSRC = WMath.cpp WString.cpp Print.cpp Marlin_main.cpp \
MarlinSerial.cpp Sd2Card.cpp SdBaseFile.cpp SdFatUtil.cpp \
SdFile.cpp SdVolume.cpp planner.cpp stepper.cpp \
temperature.cpp cardreader.cpp configuration_store.cpp \
watchdog.cpp SPI.cpp servo.cpp Tone.cpp ultralcd.cpp digipot_mcp4451.cpp \
dac_mcp4728.cpp vector_3.cpp least_squares_fit.cpp endstops.cpp stopwatch.cpp utility.cpp \
printcounter.cpp nozzle.cpp serial.cpp gcode.cpp Max7219_Debug_LEDs.cpp
CXXSRC = WMath.cpp WString.cpp Print.cpp SPI.cpp Tone.cpp
CXXSRC += $(wildcard *.cpp)
ifeq ($(NEOPIXEL), 1)
CXXSRC += Adafruit_NeoPixel.cpp
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