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## GitLab Runner
This is the GitLab Runner repository, the official GitLab CI
runner written in Go. It runs tests and sends the results to GitLab CI.
This is the repository of the official GitLab Runner written in Go.
It runs tests and sends the results to GitLab.
[GitLab CI]( is the open-source
continuous integration server that coordinates the testing.
continuous integration service included with GitLab that coordinates the testing.
[![Build Status](](
......@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ The official repository for this project is on [](
### Requirements
**None:** gitlab-ci-multi-runner is run as a single binary.
**None:** GitLab Runner is run as a single binary.
This project is designed for the Linux, OS X and Windows operating systems.
......@@ -45,7 +45,7 @@ If you want to use **Docker** make sure that you have **1.5.0** at least install
### Version 0.5.0
Version 0.5.0 introduces many security related changes.
Version 0.5.0 introduces many security related changes.
One of such changes is the different location of `config.toml`.
Previously (prior 0.5.0) config was read from current working directory.
Currently, when `gitlab-runner` is executed by `root` or with `sudo` config is read from `/etc/gitlab-runner/config.toml`.
......@@ -76,11 +76,7 @@ The config file is automatically migrated when GitLab Runner was installed from
* [See advanced configuration options](docs/configuration/
* [See example configuration file](config.toml.example)
* [See security considerations](docs/security/
### Example integrations
* [Integrate GitLab CE](docs/examples/
* [Integrate GitLab CI](docs/examples/
* [Example configuration running the GitLab CE integration tests](docs/examples/
### Extra projects?
......@@ -129,12 +125,12 @@ GLOBAL OPTIONS:
### Future
* It should be simple to add additional executors: DigitalOcean? Amazon EC2?
* Maybe script annotations?
* Please see the [GitLab Direction page](
* Feel free submit issues with feature proposals on the issue tracker.
### Author
[Kamil Trzciński](, 2015, [Polidea](
[Kamil Trzciński](
### License
## How to configure runner for GitLab CI integration tests (uses confined Docker executor)
### 1. Register the runner
The registration token can be found at ``.
You can export it as a variable and run the command below as is:
gitlab-ci-multi-runner register \
--non-interactive \
--url "" \
--registration-token "REGISTRATION_TOKEN" \
--description "gitlab-ci-ruby-2.1" \
--executor "docker" \
--docker-image ruby:2.1 --docker-mysql latest \
--docker-postgres latest --docker-redis latest
You now have GitLab CI integration testing instance with bundle caching.
Push some commits to test it.
For [advanced setup](../configuration/, look into
`/home/gitlab_ci_multi_runner/config.toml` and tune it.
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