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* [Merge Requests](
* [Prepare development environment](docs/development/
#### Closing issues and merge requests
GitLab is growing very fast and we have a limited resources to deal with reported issues
and merge requests opened by the community volunteers. We appreciate all the contributions
coming from our community. But to help all of us with issues and merge requests management
we need to create some closing policy.
If an issue or merge request has a ~"waiting for feedback" label and the response from the
reporter has not been received for 14 days, we can close it using the following response
We haven't received an update for more than 14 days so we will assume that the
problem is fixed or is no longer valid. If you still experience the same problem
try upgrading to the latest version. If the issue persists, reopen this issue
or merge request with the relevant information.
### Requirements
**None:** GitLab Runner is run as a single binary.
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