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## Runner and GitLab CE/EE compatibility
GitLab Runner >= 9.0 requires GitLab's API v4 endpoints, which were introduced in
GitLab CE/EE 9.0.
Because of this **Runner >= 9.0 requires GitLab CE/EE >= 9.0 and will not work
with older GitLab versions**.
Old API used by Runner will be still present in GitLab >= versions until August
2017. Until then we will also support the v1.11.x version of Runner.
> This means that if you want to have a newer version of GitLab CE/EE but for some
reason you don't want to install newer version of Runner, 1.11.x will be still
maintained and will be working with GitLab CE/EE until August 2017. It may not
support some new features, but any bugs or security violations will be handled
as for the stable version.
## Release process
The description of release process of GitLab Runner project can be found in the [release documentation](docs/release_process/
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