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container-inventory is a little tool inspired by httpie that should make
interacting with Docker registries through the command-line easier.
My primary motiviation for creating this was that I have to work with multiple
smaller container registries at work and also in my spare-time. For those I
wanted a single, unified interface for querying, for instance, what tags were
available for a specific repository.
I was also inspired by httpie (a nicer HTTP client for the command-line) for
how it handles sessions and safe (a wrapper around the Vault CLI).
## Usage
## Commands
If you have an registries that require authentication you should first create a
session. This way you don't have to enter the credentials for it every single
# The following command will prompt you for a password:
$ container-inventory sessions create \
--registry docker.company.com \
--session default \
--username username
You can now query docker.company.com for all the repositories on it using this
$ container-inventory --registry docker.company.com \
repositories list
If you want to know the tags of a single repository on that registry, run...
$ container-registry --registry docker.company.com \
tags list --repository projectname/imagename
### sessions
### repositories
### tags
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