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### **lookis**: Looking Glass service on Go language
#### **About**
**lookis** is very simple and easy to configure service. All you need to start using it: configure access on routers, add items to configuration file and start lookis _(and build it, of course)_!
It can run configured command through SSH and show results in web browser.
#### **Building**
To build **lookis** you need:
* [**install Go language**]( on your computer;
* install dependencies:
user@pc:/tmp$ go get ""
user@pc:/tmp$ go get ""
* clone **lookis** repository:
user@pc:/tmp$ git clone
* build executable file:
user@pc:/tmp$ cd lookis
user@pc:/tmp$ go build lookis.go
#### **Install**
After you build **lookis**:
* copy this files to target system:
* place it to selected directory (**`/opt/lookis/`**, for example).
* edit **`config.toml`** to satisfy your needs.
* in section **`[server]`** you can configure IP and port, where lookis has to run.
* add/change sections **`[routerNN]`**, where **NN** - number from `"01"` and up (can be not in order).
* there is a three example in **`config.toml`**, that explain what you can do with config.
* optionally: i reccomend to use **[nginx](** for proxying requests to **lookis**. File **`extras/lookis.conf`** contain example how to do it.
* create **init.d** or **systemd-unit** file to start lookis automatically, when system load. You can use example in **`extras`** directory:
* copy `extras/lookis.service` to `/etc/systemd/system/` on your server.
* reload systemd manager configuration:
`root@server:/tmp# systemctl daemon-reload`
* enable **lookis** service:
`root@server:/tmp# systemctl enable lookis`
* check `/var/log/syslog`. You must see there `"lookis started"` if everything is OK.
Now all work was done. You can test your installation.
#### **Сertain users / demo**
You can see **lookis** in work here:
* Argocom Ltd. (Ukraine): [****](
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