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# Python meetup
## 25.04.18
## Code and slides from my talk at 25.04.19 at Trondheim Python meetup
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Sportradar is sponsoring the talk
Creating python modules with modern C++
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First of, I'm no python developer, I joined this meetup group to learn about
this growing language.
I wanted to do a talk, so I had to figure out a way to talk about C++
to an Python audience.
## Build examples
# pybind examples
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
SoMe handles
- Slide 3
Why do you want to write Python modules in C++?
# c-api examples
cd c-api
- get an understanding of how python is implemented
- speed up CPU/GPU heavy calculations
- be able to use an C/C++ library in Python
- create a python API for your C++ application
- Slide 4
Using Pythons C/C++ API is hard.
## Test examples
- Slide 5
Using pybind11 makes it look like python code
- Slide 6
Lets look at some examples
- Slide 7
Embedding the interpreter
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