Projects related to Cambridge Z88

  • ozvm

    OZvm is a hardware emulation of the Cambridge Z88 computer - a Z80 CPU system with 4Mb addressable memory, a monochrome 640x64 LCD and RS-232 serial port. It allows to install any ROM or application card binary also available for the real Z88.

  • z88card

    The official code repository for the Z88 Application Card Management tool, used by the Cambridge Z88 project to generate application card binaries and the "OZ" ROM, ready to be blown to Z88 Flash or EPROM cards. All source code is GPL V2 licensed. This repository is integrated as a submodule of the cambridge/z88 repository.

  • mthtoken

    mthtoken is a tool to parse Z88 assembler DEFM text strings that is tokenized (compressed) using a specified (or default) OZ token table.

    This tool is typically used as part of compiling the OZ operating system (ROM for Cambridge Z88 portable computer)