Commit d0b1854c authored by Yusril Rapsanjani's avatar Yusril Rapsanjani

Upload Api File

parent 2a8c46dd
import pymysql.cursors
from module.conn import Connection
from account.norek import NomorRekening
from account.saldo import Saldo
import datetime
class Deposit:
def __init__(self):
con = Connection()
self.connection = con.get()
def Insert(self, norek, amount):
cursor = self.connection.cursor()
if amount > 0:
temp_date =
date = temp_date.strftime("%Y-%m-%d %H:%M")
#Validasi nomor rekening
rekening = NomorRekening()
if rekening.isExists(norek):
cursor.execute('INSERT INTO deposit(norek, saldo, date) values(%s, %s, %s)', (norek, amount, date))
#Get saldo nasabah
data = Saldo()
data_saldo = data.Check(norek)
saldo = data_saldo[2]['saldo']
saldo += amount
data.Update(norek, saldo)
return 'Success', 'Successfully deposit'
return 'Failed', 'Rekening Number is wrong'
return 'Failed', 'Money cant less than zero'
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