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Improve install docs: Upgrade by default and avoid gpg assumption

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......@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ You can install FDEunlock by invoking the following commands:
mkdir --parent /tmp/fdeunlock && cd /tmp/fdeunlock
wget -r -nd -l 1 --accept-regex '^https://(test)?pypi\.python\.org/packages/.*\.whl.*'
current_release="$(find . -type f -name '*.whl' | sort | tail -n 1)"
gpg --verify "${current_release}.asc" && pip3 install "${current_release}"
gpg --verify "${current_release}.asc" "${current_release}" && pip3 install --upgrade "${current_release}"
Refer to `Verifying PyPI and Conda Packages`_ for more details. Note that this might pull down dependencies in an unauthenticated way! You might want to install the dependencies yourself beforehand.
......@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@ consider cloning the ``git`` repository and installing from it:
cd fdeunlock && git verify-commit HEAD
echo 'Check if the HEAD commit has a good signature and only proceed in that case!' && read -r fnord
echo 'Then chose one of the commands below to install FDEunlock and its dependencies:'
pip3 install .
pip3 install --upgrade .
pip3 install --user --editable .
./ develop --user
./ install --user
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