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......@@ -11,5 +11,5 @@ interesting design decisions from existing projects.
## Projects
* [DATA Act Pilot: Simplicity is Key]({{site.baseurl}}/architecture_reviews/data_act_pilot)
* [Micro-purchase: Do one thing well]({{site.baseurl}}/architecture_reviews/micro_purchase)
* [DATA Act Pilot: Simplicity is Key]({{site.baseurl}}/architecture-reviews/data-act-pilot)
* [Micro-purchase: Do one thing well]({{site.baseurl}}/architecture-reviews/micro-purchase)
......@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@ described viewing code as “not real” to be a trap. Their small code base
quickly grew larger than anticipated and their early technical decisions would
have long lasting ramifications.
![Diagram matching above description]({{site.baseurl}}/architecture_reviews/data_act_pilot/data-act-diagram.png)
![Diagram matching above description]({{site.baseurl}}/architecture-reviews/data-act-pilot/data-act-diagram.png)
## Simplicity avoids scary
......@@ -107,7 +107,7 @@ for instance, a NullBid object with similar methods to the Bid model is
returned when the auction’s winning bid is not available. Do you notice the
![Objects playing the role of Controller, Service, Validator, and Rule]({{site.baseurl}}/architecture_reviews/micro_purchase/roles.png)
![Objects playing the role of Controller, Service, Validator, and Rule]({{site.baseurl}}/architecture-reviews/micro-purchase/roles.png)
## Population control
As with any design decision, the PORO approach has trade-offs. While we gain
......@@ -199,7 +199,7 @@ solution? Service Objects! Each interface (web UI, API versions) call into
shared Service Objects (which contains all of the shared code); the controller
just needs to convert the input/output as appropriate.
![Both API and HTML controllers use PlaceBid Service]({{site.baseurl}}/architecture_reviews/micro_purchase/service.png)
![Both API and HTML controllers use PlaceBid Service]({{site.baseurl}}/architecture-reviews/micro-purchase/service.png)
## Other applications
While we didn’t want to create a single-page app, we knew we’d leverage
title: 18F Engineering Practices Guide
permalink: /
A set of guidelines and best practices for an awesome engineering team
* [Front-End Disciplines]({{site.baseurl}}/frontend)
* [Third-Party Integrations]({{site.baseurl}}/integrations)
* [Workflow Best Practices]({{site.baseurl}}/workflow)
* [Example Workflows]({{site.baseurl}}/example_workflows)
* [Project Setup]({{site.baseurl}}/project_setup)
* [Architecture Reviews]({{site.baseurl}}/architecture_reviews)
* [Accessibility Scanning using AccessLint]({{site.baseurl}}/accessibility_scanning)
* [Example Workflows]({{site.baseurl}}/example-workflows)
* [Project Setup]({{site.baseurl}}/project-setup)
* [Architecture Reviews]({{site.baseurl}}/architecture-reviews)
* [Accessibility Scanning using AccessLint]({{site.baseurl}}/accessibility-scanning)
* [Feedback Guide]({{site.baseurl}}/people)
* [Continuous Deployment]({{site.baseurl}}/continuous_deployment)
* [Datastore Selection Guidance]({{site.baseurl}}/datastore_selection)
* [Continuous Deployment]({{site.baseurl}}/continuous-deployment)
* [Datastore Selection Guidance]({{site.baseurl}}/datastore-selection)
* [Security]({{site.baseurl}}/security)
* [Code Review]({{site.baseurl}}/code_review)
* [Development Environments]({{site.baseurl}}/development_environments)
* [Incident Reports]({{site.baseurl}}/incident_reports)
* [Code Review]({{site.baseurl}}/code-review)
* [Development Environments]({{site.baseurl}}/development-environments)
* [Incident Reports]({{site.baseurl}}/incident-reports)
* [Polls]({{site.baseurl}}/polls)
* [Project Setup]({{site.baseurl}}/project_setup)
* [Tech Leads]({{site.baseurl}}/tech_leads)
* [Project Setup]({{site.baseurl}}/project-setup)
* [Tech Leads]({{site.baseurl}}/tech-leads)
### Language Guides
* [Language Selection Guidance]({{site.baseurl}}/language_selection)
* [Language Selection Guidance]({{site.baseurl}}/language-selection)
* [JavaScript]({{site.baseurl}}/javascript)
* [Node.js]({{site.baseurl}}/nodejs)
* [Python]({{site.baseurl}}/python)
......@@ -5,6 +5,6 @@ Here we collect (publicly visible) survey and poll results. In particular, we
create quick write-ups to summarize and contextualize the results.
## Polls
* [Silos and Soundness, Oct '16]({{site.baseurl}}/polls/silos_and_soundness_2016_10)
* [NodeJS for Backend, Dec '16]({{site.baseurl}}/polls/nodejs_for_backend_2016_12)
* [Third-Party Tool Experience, Feb '18]({{site.baseurl}}/polls/third_party_xp_2018_02)
* [Silos and Soundness, Oct '16]({{site.baseurl}}/polls/silos-and-soundness-2016-10)
* [NodeJS for Backend, Dec '16]({{site.baseurl}}/polls/nodejs-for-backend-2016-12)
* [Third-Party Tool Experience, Feb '18]({{site.baseurl}}/polls/third-party-xp-2018-02)
......@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ particularly for the pocket of engineers on the low end of the scale.
* The ability to use continuing ed funds for
* More [architecture reviews]({{site.baseurl}}/architecture_reviews)
* More [architecture reviews]({{site.baseurl}}/architecture-reviews)
We're also exploring
......@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ around deployments, git etiquette, and similar workflow conventions.
test completion should be a requirement for deployment.
* Generally, **CI should perform deployments**. This ensures the deployments
are repeatable and don’t rely on individual development environments. See
our [documentation on continuous deployment]({{site.baseurl}}/continuous_deployment) for
our [documentation on continuous deployment]({{site.baseurl}}/continuous-deployment) for
details on how to set this up.
* Deployments should be **zero-downtime**, achievable through tools like
“autopilot” (see the above docs for more detail).
......@@ -28,8 +28,8 @@ around deployments, git etiquette, and similar workflow conventions.
Git is our version control system of choice and GitHub is our current
repository platform, but how to use these tools can be spelled out in a bit
more detail. Note that we are looking to consolidate this with our existing
documentation on [code review]({{site.baseurl}}/code_review) and [example
documentation on [code review]({{site.baseurl}}/code-review) and [example
### "Must"s