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Fix Pa11y setup link
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......@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ in [fec-cms](https://github.com/18F/fec-cms) for a great example
1. Unit test setup for each language
1. Integration test setup (e.g. Selenium, Phantom)
1. [Pa11y](https://github.com/18F/development-guide/tree/master/accessibility_scanning) setup
1. [Pa11y](https://engineering.18f.gov/accessibility-scanning/) setup
1. Visual regression setup (e.g. [Backstop](https://github.com/garris/BackstopJS))
1. Continuous integration/testing (e.g. Travis, CircleCI)
1. Code coverage metrics (e.g. CodeClimate, CodeCov, Coveralls). Aim for 90+%,
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