Commit 5be81fcd authored by Ryan Hofschneider's avatar Ryan Hofschneider

No nesting, fix Federalist deploy

Without a trailing slash on `:path` in `_config.yml`, `jekyl serve` will
happily (but incorrectly) serve up '/frontend`, etc. but it only
generates `_site/frontend.html`, etc. This results in a working local
site, but a broken Federalist deploy.

A good consequence is that we can rename the nested files,
moving them up a level and giving them a meaningful filename.
parent e5f40f3f
......@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ defaults:
output: true
permalink: /:path
permalink: /:path/
markdown: kramdown
title: 18F Engineering Practices Guide
permalink: /
A set of guidelines and best practices for an awesome engineering team
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