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......@@ -28,5 +28,5 @@ Giving constructive feedback to a top performer is not nitpicking, it is actuall
18F, as a part of GSA, has a mature [performance management and recognition system](
This includes an end-of-year performance assessment.
* [2016 Assessment Guide]({{site.baseurl}}/2016-Assessment-Guide)
* [2017 Assessment Guide]({{site.baseurl}}/2017-Assessment-Guide)
* [2016 Assessment Guide]({{site.baseurl}}/people/2016-Assessment-Guide)
* [2017 Assessment Guide]({{site.baseurl}}/people/2017-Assessment-Guide)
......@@ -86,7 +86,7 @@ First, you’ll want to review all that feedback along with the person’s facil
It’s important to be especially cognizant of unconscious bias here. Remember that people are especially susceptible to assume that underrepresented people in tech — women, people of color, etc. — are less qualified than their white male counterparts. One way to correct for this bias is to make sure that reviews are concrete and specific (as above). Another way is to be cognizant of the kinds of reviews that are especially applied to underrepresented minorities. For example, [the word “abrasive” is far more common in reviews of women than of men]( Other similar kinds of phrases to watch out for are “tone”, “aggressive”, “judgemental”, “too nice”, and so on. In general do not write a review that seems like it speaks to the person’s character. Reviews should be focused on outcomes and project work.
GSA has [guidance on writing objective and fair reviews]( that’s worth reviewing as you start to write your review.
GSA has [guidance on writing objective and fair reviews]( that’s worth reviewing as you start to write your review.
You’ll need to provide a score (1-5) for each critical element in the person’s performance profile. The performance plan has criteria for each score; these plans are available in CHRIS. You should also review the overall guidance on the [rating system scores]( You’ll also need to give the engineer a single overall score (1-5), which is calculated from the critical element scores.
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