Commit 8b422767 authored by Alessandro Tanasi's avatar Alessandro Tanasi

Added more tools

parent d4c852be
......@@ -1477,3 +1477,6 @@
[submodule "Penetration Testing/Web/xss-keylogger"]
path = Penetration Testing/Web/xss-keylogger
url =
[submodule "Intelligence/yeti"]
path = Intelligence/yeti
url =
Subproject commit e75718fe5c831ebedeedb64dc556e69e8dedc248
......@@ -195,6 +195,7 @@ Intelligence
- `Attackintel <>`_ - A python script to query the MITRE ATT&CK API for tactics, techniques, mitigations, & detection methods for specific threat groups.
- `Shodan-seeker <>`_ - Command-line tool using Shodan API. Generates and downloads CSV results, diffing of historic scanning results, alerts and monitoring of specific ports/IPs, etc.
- `VIA4CVE <>`_ - An aggregator of the known vendor vulnerabilities database to support the expansion of information with CVEs.
- `Yeti <>`_ - Your Everyday Threat Intelligence.
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