Commit 20e640f8 authored by Alessandro Tanasi's avatar Alessandro Tanasi

Added more tools

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......@@ -1519,3 +1519,6 @@
[submodule "Penetration Testing/Wireless/airgeddon"]
path = Penetration Testing/Wireless/airgeddon
url =
[submodule "Social Engineering/Harvester/datasploit"]
path = Social Engineering/Harvester/datasploit
url =
Subproject commit dc1347d9e2a9ae98654f6268ad6677b1bf22c082
......@@ -867,6 +867,7 @@ Harvester
- `Creepy <>`_ - A geolocation OSINT tool.
- `Datasploit <>`_ - A tool to perform various OSINT techniques, aggregate all the raw data, visualise it on a dashboard, and facilitate alerting and monitoring on the data.
- `Email-enum <>`_ - Searches mainstream websites and tells you if an email is registered.
- `Github-dorks <>`_ - CLI tool to scan github repos/organizations for potential sensitive information leak.
- `Maltego <>`_ - Proprietary software for open source intelligence and forensics, from Paterva.
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