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    Extracting container for allowed tags & attrs (#15338) · aa7712a8
    Jeremy Friesen authored
    * Extracting container for allowed tags & attrs
    Prior to this commit, we had several different locations in which we
    specified ALLOWED_TAGS and ALLOWED_ATTRIBUTES for HTML rendering and
    Curious to see how these either intersected or didn't, I opted to
    create a container module that allows for us to more readily normalize
    these allowed tags and attributes.  It's possible that we won't do any
    normalization, but this work helps make that easier.
    Ideally, I'd love us to contextualize "why did we choose the
    tags/attributes we chose?"  But for now, I think consolidating these
    tags and attributes will help make adding a `details` and `summary` tag
    This relates to forem/rfcs#296
    See [Google Sheet][1] for analysis of what tags/attributes are used, the
    intersection and union.
    * Fixing misnamed constant
    * Fixing misnamed constant
    * Extracting additional HtmlRendering use cases
    * Adding comparative documentation for HTML tags
    * Fixing broken parameter signature
    * Moving constants into MarkdownProcessor