Commit 5b856c37 authored by Klink's avatar Klink


parent 93f4b8c5
......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ Package: stalag13-utils
Architecture: all
Depends: apt-transport-https, perl-base (>=5.6.0), perl-modules, coreutils (>=4.5.0) | fileutils (>=4.1), bash (>=2.04), findutils (>=4.1), apt-utils, gzip (>=1), libimage-exiftool-perl, libnet-dns-perl, libfile-find-rule-perl, libapt-pkg-perl, libterm-readkey-perl, libfile-homedir-perl, libtimedate-perl, debfoster, localepurge, etckeeper, libmoose-perl, liburi-encode-perl, libjson-perl, libio-interactive-perl, libhtml-tableextract-perl, libnumber-bytes-human-perl, libterm-readkey-perl, libdate-calc-perl, libcalendar-simple-perl, bash-completion, libio-interface-perl, dnsutils, libtext-unaccent-perl
Conflicts: ntpdate, darius-admin, darius-misc, darius-sound, darius-text, stalag13-keyring (<<3.245), stalag13-utils-ahem (<<3.432)
Recommends: stalag13-keyring, sound-theme-freedesktop, xdotool
Recommends: stalag13-keyring, sound-theme-freedesktop
Suggests: libaudio-mixer-perl, mpv
Description: Utmost generic stuff from stalag13
......@@ -193,7 +193,7 @@ Package: stalag13-utils-ahem
Architecture: all
Replaces: stalag13-utils (<<3.166), stalag13-utils-extra
Breaks: stalag13-utils (<<3.166), stalag13-utils-extra
Depends: stalag13-utils, apt-transport-https, ntp | openntpd, lltag, libtext-unaccent-perl
Depends: stalag13-utils, apt-transport-https, ntp | openntpd, lltag, libtext-unaccent-perl, xdotool
Suggests: cifs-utils, elpa-flycheck
Conflicts: stalag13-utils (<<3.432)
Description: Utmost non-generic stuff that no one else probably needs
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