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The YAYAKA NETWORK is the place to communicate without any concerns.
It abstracts all our communications
into the Yayaka Network Model described in next section
and liberates all communicative subjects from their
It liberates all communicative subjects from their
locations, particular websites and software, authoritarians, and so on.
<h2>Yayaka Network Model</h2>
The most essential idea of the Yayaka Network Model is
breaking down our communication into <i>identity</i>, <i>repository</i>, <i>social-graph</i>, <i>presentation</i>, and exchanging of <i>event</i>s.
<dd>Each communicative subject has an identity.</dd>
<dd>The source of events.</dd>
<dd>Exchange events in accordance with connection of social <i>node</i>s.</dd>
<dd>Interfaces between encoded area and communicative subjects,
UI, API, and notifications.</dd>
<dd>An unit which is exchanged amoung the subjects such as a text message, blog post, notification, etc.</dd>
<h2>External Links</h2>
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Our GitLab Group
<a href="">
The Yayaka Protocol Specification
<a href="">
The Amorphos Protocol Specification
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