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YEP-300: is-daemon

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yep: 300
title: is-daemon
author: Blaise Thompson
status: draft
author: Blaise Thompson <>
status: accepted
tags: trait
post-history: 2020-04-22
This YEP is a stub.
# Abstract
This YEP defines the is-daemon trait.
This is a core trait which applies to all yaq daemon.
In other words, this YEP defines the config, state, and messages that all yaq daemons must implement.
This trait has been accepted.
See built documentation at at [](
# Table of Contents
# Motivation
The config, state, and messages here must be implemented by all yaq daemons.
# Proposal
## config: port
type: int
TCP port for daemon to occupy.
## config: serial
type: [null, string]
default: null
Serial number for the particular device represented by the daemon.
## config: make
type: [null, string]
default: null
Make (manufacturer) for the particular device represented by the daemon.
## config: model
type: [null, string]
default: null
Model (manufacturer part number) for the particular device represented by the daemon.
## message: busy
response: boolean
Returns true if daemon is currently busy.
## message: id
response: {'type': 'map', 'values': ['null', 'string']}
Map with information to identify the daemon, including name, kind, make, model, serial.
## message: get_config_filepath
response: string
String representing the absolute filepath of the configuration file on the host machine.
## message: get_config
response: string
Full configuration for the individual daemon as defined in the TOML file. This includes defaults and shared settings not directly specified in the daemon-specific TOML table.
## message: shutdown
parameter: restart: boolean <br>
parameter: restart: default: false
Cleanly shutdown (or restart) daemon.
## message: get_state
response: string
Daemon state toml file dumped as a as string.
# Discussion
Discussion can be found on the [gitlab issue]( for this YEP.
# Copyright
This document is placed in the public domain or under the CC0-1.0-Universal license, whichever is more permissive.
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