Commit d21bf8ac authored by Janek Kozicki's avatar Janek Kozicki

Fix all compilation warnings

parent f538da16
# note to others: if you want to ignore some files that are related to your personal workflow
# without cluttering everyone's .gitignore file, you can use file .git/info/exclude
......@@ -323,7 +323,7 @@ Real Shop::getPorosityAlt(){
Vector3r dim=maximum-minimum;
//Vector3r dim=maximum-minimum; // Note by Janek: warning: variable ‘dim’ set but not used [-Wunused-but-set-variable]
// Vector3r sup = Vector3r(minimum+.5*cutoff*dim);
//Vector3r inf = Vector3r(maximum-.5*cutoff*dim);
V = (maximum[0] - minimum[0])*(maximum[1] - minimum[1])*(maximum[2] - minimum[2]);
......@@ -2764,7 +2764,7 @@ vector<int> TwoPhaseFlowEngine::clusterOutvadePore(PhaseCluster* cluster, unsign
CellHandle& origin = solver->tesselation().cellHandles[cluster->interfaces[facetIdx].first.first];
CellHandle& newPore = solver->tesselation().cellHandles[cluster->interfaces[facetIdx].first.second];
cluster->resetSolver();//reset the linear system
unsigned facet;
//unsigned facet; // Note by Janek: warning: unused variable ‘facet’ [-Wunused-variable]
vector<unsigned> interfacesToRemove = {facetIdx};
vector<unsigned> interfacesToAdd;
......@@ -2783,6 +2783,7 @@ vector<int> TwoPhaseFlowEngine::clusterOutvadePore(PhaseCluster* cluster, unsign
for (int k=cluster->interfaces.size()-1;k>=0;k--)
if (solver->tesselation().cellHandles[cluster->interfaces[k].first.second]->info().label == cluster->label) cluster->interfaces.erase(cluster->interfaces.begin()+k);
// Note by Janek: FIXME: warning: no return statement in function returning non-void [-Wreturn-type]
vector<int> TwoPhaseFlowEngine::clusterInvadePore(PhaseCluster* cluster, CellHandle cell)
......@@ -7,6 +7,8 @@
* GNU General Public License v2 or later. See file LICENSE for details. *
#ifndef FLOW_GUARD
#define FLOW_GUARD
// This is an example of how to derive a new FlowEngine with additional data and possibly completely new behaviour.
// Every functions of the base engine can be overloaded, and new functions can be added
......@@ -618,4 +620,6 @@ class TwoPhaseFlowEngine : public TwoPhaseFlowEngineT
#endif //TwoPhaseFLOW
#endif // FLOW_GUARD
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