Commit d1b8bb94 authored by Anton Gladky's avatar Anton Gladky

Update changelog

parent 51e6671e
Tue, Feb 20 18:55:30 2018 +0100
Anton Gladky (4):
Remove RELEASE file
Do not globally import polyhedra_utils in
Simplify and fix the checkPolyhedraCrush
Add RELEASE file
Bruno Chareyre (1):
fix cmake warning + effectively enable TWOPHASEFLOW
Janek Kozicki (3):
Update .gitignore and .mailmap
Fix warnings that I have during compilaation.
Initial fix for cgal 4.11. There are some things still to check:
Jerome Duriez (4):
Doc: typo (missing parenthesis) in Ig2_Sphere_Sphere_ScGeom
Doc: precising IPhysFunctor docstring
Doc: typo in Programmer s manual
Doc: other typos in Programmer s manual
Robert Caulk (2):
Fix failure. Enable CPU usage of direct cholmod solver (useSolver=4)
Add support for older versions of SuiteSparse
Wed, Feb 7 20:06:30 2018 +0100
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