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    • Václav Šmilauer's avatar
      1. utils.{sphere,facet,wall} funcs take fixed=True|False now (instead of... · d8e420ed
      Václav Šmilauer authored
      1. utils.{sphere,facet,wall} funcs take fixed=True|False now (instead of dynamic=False|True, which gives warning now and will be removed)
      2. Make space in the 3d recenter scene
      3. x,y,z (X,Y,Z) now set up axis (see help of the 3d), grid is toggled with g only
      4.  Remove Shop::defaults and few other obsolete funcs
      5. Fix bug in torsionweighting in LawTester
      6. Rename Ig2_*_L3Geom_Inc to Ig2_*_L3Geom, update .py scripts
      7. Rationalize Ig2_*_L3Geom functors, add Sphere+Facet
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      1. Rename InteractionDispatchers to InteractionLoop; backwards-compat for... · 31e90b3f
      Chiara Modenese authored
      1. Rename InteractionDispatchers to InteractionLoop; backwards-compat for python as usual, typedef with deprecated warning in c++; update all scripts and docs to reflect that.
      2. Add NozzleFactory, which might be in the future generalized to a generic factory object and a numebr of derived classes with different parameters (such as factory area shape, specification of sphere parameters etc); see scripts/test/shots.py
      3. Fix many crashers in the OpenGL code; unbreak particle selection
      4. Finalize the MatchMaker class, with convertor from python floats to specify fixed value.
      5. MatchMaker is used to specify different coefficients of restitution for different material couples in Ip2_FrictMat_FrictMat_MindlinPhys; viscous constants moved away from Law2_ScGeom_MindlinPhys_Mindlin into MindlinPhys instead.
      6. Fix compilation errors caused by unintelligedn 3rd-party Combine builder to scons -- save sombined files to an external file, force refresh of all combined files if the md5 changes. Does not increase compilation time.
      7. Add DomainLimiter engine for deleting particles that go ouside some domain (see scripts/test/shots.py)
      8. Add DragForceApplier (not yet tested); thans to Stefano for the suggestion.
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    • Václav Šmilauer's avatar
      1. Rename BexContainer to ForceContainer, O.bex to O.forces etc. Mostly... · b4f46148
      Václav Šmilauer authored
      1. Rename BexContainer to ForceContainer, O.bex to O.forces etc. Mostly backwards-compatible in python.
      2. Add Shop::flipCell which changes shear without affecting interactions (by integral steps), demonstrated in scripts/test/periodic-shear.py (not yet fully tested, but doesn't crash ;-) ) [BROKEN due to recent VELGRAD changed]
      3. Add InteractionsContainer::eraseNonReal
  19. 18 Dec, 2009 1 commit
    • Václav Šmilauer's avatar
      Do pending renames: · 807ae61f
      Václav Šmilauer authored
          *  AABB → Aabb
          * Interacting{Box,Sphere,Facet}2AABB → Bo1_{Box,Sphere,Facet}_Aabb
          * Wall2AABB → Bo1_Wall_Aabb
          * GLDrawAABB → Gl1_Aabb 
      Add scripts/test/periodic-shear.py, update Gl1_Aabb to render the Aabb aligned with the cell rather than scene axes.
  20. 13 Dec, 2009 1 commit
    • Václav Šmilauer's avatar
      1. Rename SpheresContactGeometry to ScGeom · 17ea4d5e
      Václav Šmilauer authored
      2. Rename corresponding functors:
      InteractingBox2InteractingSphere4SpheresContactGeometry -> Ig2_Box_Sphere_ScGeom
      InteractingFacet2InteractingSphere4SpheresContactGeometry -> Ig2_Facet_Sphere_ScGeom
      InteractingSphere2InteractingSphere4SpheresContactGeometry -> Ig2_Sphere_Sphere_ScGeom
  21. 11 Dec, 2009 1 commit
    • Václav Šmilauer's avatar
      1. Rename GLDraw* to Gl1_* · 21aaccd1
      Václav Šmilauer authored
      2. Scene no longer inherits from Body, some of its properties are "emulated" (bound, shape). Not sure if Shape is really needed, perhaps for periodicity things etc in one place? It can be in the class itself just as well.
      3. Remove MetaInteractingGeometry2AABB from all files (no longer needed); backwards-compatibility with python assured.
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    • Václav Šmilauer's avatar
      ef2_Sphere_Sphere_Dem3Dof: change meaning of distanceFactor, see docs (if < 0,... · 7062a95a
      Václav Šmilauer authored
      ef2_Sphere_Sphere_Dem3Dof: change meaning of distanceFactor, see docs (if < 0, equilibrium is sum of radii, otherwise the initial distance; defaults to -1). Renamed to distFactor, to break old code intentionally
      InteractingSphere2AABB: allow negative aabbEnlargeFactor, which doesn't scale aabb at all (same as if it is 1.)
      yade-multi: use the first non-blank line as column headings (not necessarily the first line of the file, as is used to be)
      SpatialQuickSortCollider: fix clearing interaction with openMP
      examples/concrete/uniaxial: move files around, add confinement and docs; remove examples/concrete/pack since not in the pack module (an example should be given, though)
      examples/collider-perf: remove PersistentSAPCollider, add InsertionSortCollide with strides, but commented out since no effect at hthe beginning of simulation
      PeriodicInsertionSortCollider: remove unnecessary (hopefully) condition that would abort in scripts/test/periodic-simple.py
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    • Václav Šmilauer's avatar
      1. Remove all traces of physical actions: · 84f97571
      Václav Šmilauer authored
      PhysicalAction, GlobalStiffness, Force, Momentum, MakeItFlat,
      ResultantForceEngine, GlobalStiffnessCounter,
      PhysicalActionVectorVector, PhysicalActionContainer.
      2. All code now uses BexContainer.
      Please check that your code works correctly (I tried to do my best and double-checked, though).
      Make sure you remove (rm -rf ...) all plugins before recompiling as old plugins will _not_ be deleted automatically. 
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    • Sergei Dorofeenko's avatar
      ColorizedVelocityFilter counts a scale for each frame, without using previous min,max values. · 9e78b508
      Sergei Dorofeenko authored
      1/ SimpleViscoelasticBodyParameters, SimpleViscoelasticInteraction,SimpleViscoelasticRelationships: 'setViscoelastic' is renamed to 'getViscoelasticFromSpheresInteraction' and moved to Shop; 'mu' is renamed to 'frictionAngle' according to the settled YADE practice. 
      2/ MembraneTest and TestSimpleViscoelastic are brought into accord with this changes.
      3/ SimpleViscoelasticContactLaw is updated in order to take into account shear interaction with facets.
      4/ Shop: add getViscoelasticFromSpheresInteraction. It is accessible from python console also. 
      5/ utils.py: add 'spheres_v2', 'facet_v2', 'import_stl_geometry_v2' in order to allow any PhysicalParameters class, not only BodyMacroParameters descendan as for "first" versions.
      6/ add examples/dynamic_simulation_tests for SimpleViscoelastic and CundallDamping contact models; add comment to NewtonsDampedLaw about Cundall damping affect dynamic simulations.