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  11. 01 Apr, 2010 1 commit
    • Václav Šmilauer's avatar
      1. TriaixalStressController: originally compilation fix, but Luc was faster;... · 01170347
      Václav Šmilauer authored
      1. TriaixalStressController: originally compilation fix, but Luc was faster; Bruno, I tried to replace on c-array with boost::array; if that works, you could use it for other c-arrays as well
      2. Add yield surface query function from python to Law2_..._Cpm
      3. Make plot support label translation via yade.plot.labels
      4. make chunkSize very small for debian; add strip for the optimized build
  12. 30 Mar, 2010 1 commit
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  15. 27 Mar, 2010 1 commit
    • Václav Šmilauer's avatar
      1. Fix crasher in Ip2_FrictMat_FrictMat_FrictPhys (??) · d0c3d572
      Václav Šmilauer authored
      2. Cleanup python code
      3. Add feature gl2ps, hitting 'v' in the GL view will save PDF (seems to freeze on large scenes, but works nice on small ones)
      4. Add special syntax for deprecated attributes. For testing, renamed Shape::diffuseColor to Shape::color.
  16. 22 Mar, 2010 1 commit
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  22. 21 Jan, 2010 1 commit
    • Václav Šmilauer's avatar
      1. Fix numpy_boost and TesselationWrapper · a3ae7c8f
      Václav Šmilauer authored
      2. Start moving python registration code inside classes themselves. That should allow proper class hierarchy in python as well as (faster) object.attribute access instead of hacky object['attribute']. Please report errors you might encounter.
      3. Resurrect Dem6DofGeom, doesn't work for now.
  23. 25 Dec, 2009 1 commit
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      1. Rename BexContainer to ForceContainer, O.bex to O.forces etc. Mostly... · b4f46148
      Václav Šmilauer authored
      1. Rename BexContainer to ForceContainer, O.bex to O.forces etc. Mostly backwards-compatible in python.
      2. Add Shop::flipCell which changes shear without affecting interactions (by integral steps), demonstrated in scripts/test/periodic-shear.py (not yet fully tested, but doesn't crash ;-) ) [BROKEN due to recent VELGRAD changed]
      3. Add InteractionsContainer::eraseNonReal
  24. 06 Dec, 2009 1 commit
  25. 29 Nov, 2009 1 commit
    • Václav Šmilauer's avatar
      1. add #error to DataRecorder so that people don't use it, with explanation. · 2067c1cc
      Václav Šmilauer authored
      2. Add Recorder, deriving from PeriodicEngine and taking care of opening file.
      3. Derive TriaxialStateRecorder from Recorder. (Anton: do the same for CohesiveStateRPMRecorder, I don't want to edit it since the version would probably diverge if you work on it now)
      4. Fix PositionOrientationRecorder (is that one being used at all?)
      5. Rewrite Singleton (to work accross different translation units)
      6. Remove qt3 from 'exclude'. Enabling opengl requires qt3 automatically now.
      7. Remove lib/sqlite3x, which was only used in noew-removed SQLiteRecorder
      8. Experimental main in python (not fully functionaly for now)
  26. 04 Aug, 2009 1 commit
  27. 03 Aug, 2009 1 commit
    • Václav Šmilauer's avatar
      1. Change syntax of YADE_PLUGIN("Plugin1","Plugin2") to... · 1ab20534
      Václav Šmilauer authored
      1. Change syntax of YADE_PLUGIN("Plugin1","Plugin2") to YADE_PLUGIN((Plugin1)(Plugin2)) (replaced everywhere)
      2. Add some perliminary and not-enabled by default support for boost::serialization (see ClassFactory.hpp)
      3. Add boost::serialization code for Se3r, Vector2r, Vector2<int>, Quaternionr
      4. Do not reset BexContainer's moves and rotations uselessly (i.e. if not used)
      5. Use Omega's mutex in SimulationController to prevent loading-related crashes
  28. 27 Jul, 2009 1 commit
    • Václav Šmilauer's avatar
      1. BIG CHANGE: pkg/ no longer have SConscript files but are scanned at startup... · cfdcc3b0
      Václav Šmilauer authored
      1. BIG CHANGE: pkg/ no longer have SConscript files but are scanned at startup for plugins. See http://yade.wikia.com/wiki/ImplicitBuilds for some details. Let me know if there are some problems.
      Known bugs: snow and fem don't build, add the to exclude= things. Will be fixed (hopefuly) soon.
      This allows for monolithic build (scons linkStrategy=monolithic) which is much faster and has smaller disk usage also.
      2. Add pkg/dem/meta directory for what doesn't fit in either category
      3. Move Shop to pkg/dem
      4. Revamp python wrapper so that most classes don't use proxies anymore. The old interface is moslty kept, let me know if you have problems. Adapted a few things for those changes.
      5. All classes _must_ have YADE_PLUGIN("PLuginName"), not YADE_PLUGIN (changed everywhere)
      6. Move a few files around
      7. Remove EngineUnits, make separate .cpp files for every type
  29. 17 Jul, 2009 1 commit
    • Václav Šmilauer's avatar
      1. Do not use REGISTER_ATTRIBUTE anymore, use REGISTER_ATTRIBUTES instead... · 56bb96c5
      Václav Šmilauer authored
      1. Do not use REGISTER_ATTRIBUTE anymore, use REGISTER_ATTRIBUTES instead everywhere. This generates (in addition to serialization code) also some python code and makes python independent on the yade serialization framework (Janek, if you want to try boost::serialization, I have no objections now).
      	Please check your code that it works. I was moving attribute registration to .hpp files and hopefully nothing broke. Sorry for inconvenience.
      2. As said, python is now completely independent of serialization and passes value not by strings, but by real variables, doing appropriate conversions thanks to boost::python magic. This should make it also faster and much more robust.
      3. Custom coverters handle vector<int>, vector<Vector3r>, vector<Real>, vector<string> and other can be added easily.
      4. All fundamental types are converted automatically.
      5. Add conversions for se3 as tuple of Vector3,Quaternion
      6. Add non-standard boost::python indexing suite version 2 to our code (although it is not used ATM).
  30. 27 Jan, 2009 1 commit
  31. 08 Dec, 2008 1 commit
  32. 26 Nov, 2008 1 commit
    • Václav Šmilauer's avatar
      1. Rename REGISTER_SERIALIZABLE(class,bool) to REGISTER_SERIALIZABLE_GENERIC,... · 56a95c7f
      Václav Šmilauer authored
      2. Added REGISTER_CLASS_AND_BASE(class,base) which performs REGISTER_CLASS_NAME and REGISTER_BASE_CLASS_NAME at once.
      3. Added REGISTER_ATTRIBUTES (not trailing 'S'), expanding to void registerAttributes(){...}, and REGISTER_ATTRIBUTES_WITH_BASE, which prepends call to baseClass::registerAttributes() (specified as the first argument).
        class Foo:public FooBase{
      	  REGISTER_ATTRIBUTES_WITH_BASE(FooBase, (attribute1) (attribute2) (attribute3) );
        Parentheses are mandatory, no commas!!
        (uses boost/preprocessor.hpp)
  33. 10 Nov, 2008 1 commit
    • Václav Šmilauer's avatar
      1. experimental support for Real==long double (#defines QUAD_PRECISION, scons... · 171ac08c
      Václav Šmilauer authored
      1. experimental support for Real==long double (#defines QUAD_PRECISION, scons quad=1). long double is not necessarily quadruple precision (not on IA32, at least) though, but is still more precise than double. (search "long double" on wikipedia)
      2. Some preparation to compile with -std=c++0x (not yet functional) WRT <boost/shared_ptr.hpp> and boost::shared_ptr vs. <memory> and std::shared_ptr
      3. Fixed in yade-multi.
      4. New direct oofenm exporter in yade.eudoxos.
      5. Don't fiddle with termios in non-interactive sessions.
  34. 23 Jul, 2008 1 commit
    • Václav Šmilauer's avatar
      1. Omega().interactions.nth returns n-th real interaction · 346adf96
      Václav Šmilauer authored
      2. Export more brefcom data to python
      3. Make LOG_DEBUG and LOG_TRACE no-op in NDEBUG (optimized) builds
      4. Change linebreaks from CR+LF to unix LF in a few random diles
      5. Make DeusExMachina registerAttributes of Engine
      6. Serializer prints offending value if bad_lexical_cast.
      7. Attempt to catch exception if reading bool written as int (254 etc) and consider that "true" (doesn't work?)
      8. JumpChangeSe3 can set (angular)velocity if requested instead of plain moving
  35. 17 Jul, 2008 1 commit
    • Václav Šmilauer's avatar
      1. new class DisplayParameters is a string->string "hash map" for holding various configurations. · 10653bae
      Václav Šmilauer authored
      2. Multiple display parameters (i.e. QGLViewer config and OpenGLRenderingEngine config) are stored in Metabody.
      4. stopAtIteration moved to MetaBody so that it is saved and reloaded (MetaBody::recover hack is gone)
      5. Remove unnecessary persistentInteraction initializers so that we have less warnings
      6. Remove deprecated RangePeriodicEngine, plotting uses StretchPeriodicEngine instead.
      7. Add the ability to load from stream and save to stream to IOFormatManager (afterwards, I discovered there were actually_identical_ functions loadArchive and saveArchive; those were deleted since unused elsewhere)
      8. GLViewer can now load and save state from/to string
      9. in GLViewer, keys 7,8,9 load display config #0,1,2 and Alt-{7,8,9} saves current view to #0,1,2. Those are saved in MetaBody. BUG: after loading such config, the QtGUI-generated OpenGLRenderingEngine config dialog doesn't work anymore (probably some issue with archives, not sure).
      9. Hopefully all xml-parser-offensive characters are escaped at string serialization (and unescaped at deserialization). We use standard SGML escapes (newline=&br; tab=&tab; <=&lt; and so on) now. This allows to save XML-as-string in the xml itself (used for DisplayParameters).
      10. GLViewer now properly saves what XYZ planes are displayed (using custom DOM element)
      11. Some fixes in Brefcom, more to come.
  36. 25 Jun, 2008 1 commit
    • Václav Šmilauer's avatar
      1. Triaxial now calculates thickness of the walls automatically (from the... · 75ff0469
      Václav Šmilauer authored
      1. Triaxial now calculates thickness of the walls automatically (from the extents of the first wall)
      2. Add flags to scons, for the gold linker (doesn't link plugins, oh well)
      3. Many fixes in brefcom
      4. flag needsInitializers moved into MetaBody and it is checked at every iteration; assigning initializers from python sets this flag. It is set to true in MetaBody constructor.
      5. Added wrapper for postProcessAttributes in python, for Facets. Serializable::postProcessAttributes was made public due to that (don't kill me).
      6. A few things added to yade.utils
      7. SimulationController now correctly handles decreasing timestep mantissa from 1 (goes to 9 and exponent is decreased by 1) and increasing it from 9.
  37. 22 Mar, 2008 1 commit
    • Václav Šmilauer's avatar
      1. MAJOR improvements of the python wrappers (constructors take attributes etc.) · d7bb0769
      Václav Šmilauer authored
      2. FIRST proof-of-implementation simulation completely created in python: scripts/simple-scene.py. This file will be commented abundantly shortly.
      3. Add default values to some bool params so that there is no serializer error if they are uninitialized.
      4. Add aabbEnlargeFactor to InteractingSphere2AABB (should be added to InteractingBox2AABB as well?) (not tested yet)
      5. rename InteractionDetectionFactor to interactinDetectionFactor
      6. Serialization now registers only attributes that have not yet been registered (there were problems with python because of that: at first save, attributes were duplicated and the xml file was less readble, although loadable)
      7. Scan .tpp and .ipp for c++ tags as well
      8. Some documentation.
      [scripts/default-test.py passes as normally]