1. 10 Oct, 2019 8 commits
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      Improve code readibility. · bf906f74
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      recommit 56f68b7b · d164eeff
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      fix unused variable with ENABLE_OPENMP=OFF · 63189378
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      fix bracket · 92d3cf2a
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      relevant printed output in checkScript · bc50f95a
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      fix compilation with OPENMP and MPI=OFF · 11613bb9
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      fix ENABLE_MPI=OFF compilation · 9f5c9098
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      Better handling of sparsity in BodyContainer-ISCollider-ForceContainer +... · a6a400ea
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      Better handling of sparsity in BodyContainer-ISCollider-ForceContainer + improvements of MPI parallelisation
          The main changes are listed below:
          fix memory corruption by O.setPermF
          enable BodyContainer::insertAtId beyhond current size
          introduce BodyContainer attributes keepListShort and realBodies
          Improved InsertionSortCollider: substantial speed-up after erasing bodies (e.g. mpirun) by looping on realBodies.
          python wrapper for BodyContainer::updateSubdomainLists
          fix getting forces in python wrapper and reduce synccount
          Enable Newton sub-timing
          Newton loops on real bodies only (+tune reserved size of vectors)
          MPI: decrease verbosity and more control on printed output
          MPI: erase_remote is now mandatory, yet erase_remote_master leaves erasing on master optional (which is faster for frequent merge) + couple smallfix
          MPI: fix/clean MPI examples
          MPI: fix target value of checkMPI.py
          MPI: keep niter the same in both parallel and serial execution of the test script
          MPI: a cleaner insertion of bodies from message - else optimized collider breaks
          MPI: reduce total print time
          MPI: implement and examplify inserting bodies per-worker
          MPI: enable building scene in parallell instead of splitting from master
          MPI: avoid expensive memory alloc when possible
          MPI: use python bytes and memoryview for efficient access to contiguous vector<int> memory
          MPI: improvement of mpi colliding process: set subdomain bounds as part of BoundDispatching, don't unbound/re-bound remote bodies all the time to minimize collider's effort
          MPI: increment collider.execTime externally so as to display the cost of collider updates specificaly in timing.stats()
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