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......@@ -1433,6 +1433,40 @@ While job is running, the batch system presents progress via simple HTTP server
Summary page available at port 9080 as batch is processed (updates every 5 seconds automatically). Possible job statuses are pending, running, done, failed.
Batch execution on Job-based clusters (OAR)
On computation clusters, where there are already a scheduling system, the following script might be usefull. Exactly like yade-batch, it handles assignemnt of parameters value to python variables in simulation script from a parameter table, and job submission. This script is written for `oar-based <>`_ system , and may be extended to others ones. On those system, usually, a job can't run forever and has a specific duration allocation.
The whole job submission consists of 3 files:
Simulation script:
Regular Yade script, which calls :yref:`readParamsFromTable<yade.utils.readParamsFromTable>` to obtain parameters from parameter table. In order to make the script runnable outside the batch, :yref:`readParamsFromTable<yade.utils.readParamsFromTable>` takes default values of parameters, which might be overridden from the parameter table.
:yref:`readParamsFromTable<yade.utils.readParamsFromTable>` knows which parameter file and which line to read by inspecting the ``PARAM_TABLE`` environment variable, set by the batch system.
Parameter table:
Simple text file, each line representing one parameter set. This file is read by :yref:`readParamsFromTable<yade.utils.readParamsFromTable>` (using :yref:`TableParamReader<yade.utils.TableParamReader>` class), called from simulation script, as explained above. For better reading of the text file you can make use of tabulators, these will be ignored by :yref:`readParamsFromTable<yade.utils.readParamsFromTable>`. Parameters are not restricted to numerical values. You can also make use of strings by "quoting" them (' ' may also be used instead of " "). This can be useful for nominal parameters.
Job script:
Bash script, which call yade on computing nodes. This script eventually creates temp folders, save data to storage server etc. The script must be formatted as a template where some tags will be replaced by specific values at the execution time:
* __YADE_COMMAND__ will be replaced by actual yade run command
* __YADE_LOGFILE__ will be replaced by log file path (output to stdout)
* __YADE_ERRFILE__ will be replaced by error file path (output to stderr)
* __YADE_JOBNO__ will be replaced by a identifier composed as (launch script pid)-(job order)
* __YADE_JOBID__ will be replaced by a identifier composed of all parameters values
The batch can be run as ::
yade-oar --oar-project=<your project name> --oar-walltime=hh:mm:ss parameters.table
and it will generate one launch script and submit one job for each parameter table line. A minimal example is found in :ysrc:`examples/oar/params.table` :ysrc:`examples/oar/` and :ysrc:`examples/oar/`.
.. note::
You have to specify either --oar-walltime or a !WALLTIME column in params.table. !WALLTIME will override --oar-walltime
.. warning::
yade-oar is not compiled by default. Use -DENABLE_OAR=1 option to cmake to enable it.
......@@ -1467,7 +1501,7 @@ Saving data during the simulation
Paraview is based on the `Visualization Toolkit <>`_, which defines formats for saving various types of data. One of them (with the ``.vtu`` extension) can be written by a special engine :yref:`VTKRecorder`. It is added to the simulation loop::
# ...
# usefull for nix-based system
source /applis/site/
nix-env --switch-profile $NIX_USER_PROFILE_DIR/yade
# Create temp dirs
mkdir -p $DIR/$DATE/__YADE_JOBNO__
# Run yade
# Recover logs
cp -v __YADE_LOGFILE__ output.log
cp -v __YADE_ERRFILE__ output.err
# Recover job running env.
echo $OAR_JOB_ID >>
hostname >>
echo "__YADE_JOBID__" >>
cd $DIR/$DATE/
# Archive to single file
tar -cf __YADE_JOBNO__ __YADE_JOBNO__.tar.gz
!OMP_NUM_THREADS !WALLTIME important! unimportant this! more
# comment
# comment and empty line
2 01:00:00 51 'hummm' 3.1415 'a'
1 = 51 'paaah' = 'b'
= = 52 = 'fff' = 'c'
= 00:30:00 = 'not' = 'd'
3 = 52 'yes' 2.71828 'e'
from yade.params import table
print O.tags['description']
print 'important',table.important
print 'unimportant',table.unimportant
print O.tags['params'].replace(',','_');
print O.tags['defaultParams']
import time
import os
import re
# Stop script before walltime ends
m_hasWalltime = 'YADE_WALLTIME' in os.environ;
m_Walltime = 0;
m_WalltimeStopAt = 0.95;
if m_hasWalltime :
walltime = os.environ['YADE_WALLTIME'];
if"^([0-9]+):([0-9]{2}):([0-9]{2})$",walltime) :
w = re.match("^([0-9]+):([0-9]{2}):([0-9]{2})$",walltime);
g = w.groups();
m_Walltime = 3600*float(g[0]) + 60*float(g[1]) + float(g[2]);
print "Will run for %i seconds"%m_Walltime;
print "Wrong walltime format."
m_hasWalltime = False;
def SaveAndQuit():
print "Quit due to walltime expiration";
O.stopAtIter = O.iter + 1;
if m_hasWalltime:
O.engines += [PyRunner(command='SaveAndQuit()',realPeriod=m_Walltime*m_WalltimeStopAt)];,True)
print 'finished'
import sys
......@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@ public:
virtual void action();
"Base class for spectrums calculations. Should not be used directly. Compute Probability Density Functions in spherical coordinates and write result to a file.",
"Base class for spectrums calculations. Compute Probability Density Functions of normalStress, shearStress, distance, velocity and interactions in spherical coordinates and write result to a file. Column name format is: Data(theta, phi). Convention used: x: phi = 0, y: theta = 0, z: phi = pi/2",
((uint, numDiscretizeAngleTheta, 20,,"Number of sector for theta-angle"))
((uint, numDiscretizeAnglePhi, 40,,"Number of sector for phi-angle"))
//((Real, discretizeRadius, 0.1,,"d/a interval size"))
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