Commit 2c45d076 authored by Bruno Chareyre's avatar Bruno Chareyre

use unSynced addTorque() for permTorque, as for permForce

parent 361f278e
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......@@ -117,7 +117,7 @@ void ForceContainer::setPermTorque(Body::id_t id, const Vector3r& t)
ensureSize(id, -1);
if (permForceSynced) { // current permF has been accumulated already, substract it form total then add new value; else just set the value below
addTorque(id, t -_permTorque[id] );
addTorqueUnsynced(id, t -_permTorque[id] );
_permTorque[id] = t;
if (not permForceUsed) {
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