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add Ip2 functor for PartialSatMat

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......@@ -267,6 +267,42 @@ public:
class Ip2_PartialSatMat_PartialSatMat_MindlinPhys : public IPhysFunctor {
virtual void go(const shared_ptr<Material>& b1, const shared_ptr<Material>& b2, const shared_ptr<Interaction>& interaction);
FUNCTOR2D(PartialSatMat, PartialSatMat);
// clang-format off
Ip2_PartialSatMat_PartialSatMat_MindlinPhys,IPhysFunctor,"PartialSat variant of HertzMindlin \n\n \
Calculate some physical parameters needed to obtain \
the normal and shear stiffnesses according to the Hertz-Mindlin formulation (as implemented in PFC).\n\n\
Viscous parameters can be specified either using coefficients of restitution ($e_n$, $e_s$) or viscous \
damping ratio ($\\beta_n$, $\\beta_s$). The following rules apply:\n#. If the $\\beta_n$ ($\\beta_s$) \
ratio is given, it is assigned to :yref:`MindlinPhys.betan` (:yref:`MindlinPhys.betas`) directly.\n#. \
If $e_n$ is given, :yref:`MindlinPhys.betan` is computed using $\\beta_n=-(\\log e_n)/\\sqrt{\\pi^2+(\\log e_n)^2}$. \
The same applies to $e_s$, :yref:`MindlinPhys.betas`.\n#. It is an error (exception) to specify both $e_n$ \
and $\\beta_n$ ($e_s$ and $\\beta_s$).\n#. If neither $e_n$ nor $\\beta_n$ is given, zero value \
for :yref:`MindlinPhys.betan` is used; there will be no viscous effects.\n#.If neither $e_s$ nor $\\beta_s$ \
is given, the value of :yref:`MindlinPhys.betan` is used for :yref:`MindlinPhys.betas` as well.\n\nThe \
$e_n$, $\\beta_n$, $e_s$, $\\beta_s$ are :yref:`MatchMaker` objects; they can be constructed from float \
values to always return constant value.\n\nSee :ysrc:`scripts/test/` for an example of specifying \
$e_n$ based on combination of parameters.",
((Real,gamma,0.0,,"Surface energy parameter [J/m^2] per each unit contact surface, to derive DMT formulation from HM"))
((Real,eta,0.0,,"Coefficient to determine the plastic bending moment"))
((Real,krot,0.0,,"Rotational stiffness for moment contact law"))
((Real,ktwist,0.0,,"Torsional stiffness for moment contact law"))
((shared_ptr<MatchMaker>,en,,,"Normal coefficient of restitution $e_n$."))
((shared_ptr<MatchMaker>,es,,,"Shear coefficient of restitution $e_s$."))
((shared_ptr<MatchMaker>,betan,,,"Normal viscous damping ratio $\\beta_n$."))
((shared_ptr<MatchMaker>,betas,,,"Shear viscous damping ratio $\\beta_s$."))
((shared_ptr<MatchMaker>,frictAngle,,,"Instance of :yref:`MatchMaker` determining how to compute the friction angle of an interaction. If ``None``, minimum value is used."))
// clang-format on
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