Commit 188f2abe authored by Janek Kozicki's avatar Janek Kozicki

Fix #146, use std::is_same<Real, double>::value for that.

parent 8269191d
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......@@ -210,7 +210,9 @@ try {
// Below all functions from lib/high-precision/MathFunctions.hpp are exported for tests.
// Some of these functions return two element tuples: frexp, modf, remquo, CGAL_To_interval
std_pair_to_python_converter<Real, Real>();
std_pair_to_python_converter<double, double>();
if (not std::is_same<Real, double>::value) {
std_pair_to_python_converter<double, double>();
std_pair_to_python_converter<Real, long>();
std_pair_to_python_converter<Real, int>();
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