Commit 092e94bd authored by Chiara Modenese's avatar Chiara Modenese
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1. Do not return Attr::hidden attributes in dict(); that makes them invisible in the UI as well.

parent 0f03c68c
......@@ -138,7 +138,7 @@ void make_setter_postLoad(C& instance, const T& val){ instance.*A=val; /* cerr<<
#define _PYSET_ATTR(x,y,z) if(key==_ATTR_NAM_STR(z)) { _ATTR_NAM(z)=boost::python::extract<typeof(_ATTR_NAM(z))>(value); return; }
#define _PYKEYS_ATTR(x,y,z) ret.append(_ATTR_NAM_STR(z));
#define _PYHASKEY_ATTR(x,y,z) if(key==_ATTR_NAM_STR(z)) return true;
#define _PYDICT_ATTR(x,y,z) ret[_ATTR_NAM_STR(z)]=boost::python::object(_ATTR_NAM(z));
#define _PYDICT_ATTR(x,y,z) if(!(_ATTR_FLG(z) & yade::Attr::hidden)) ret[_ATTR_NAM_STR(z)]=boost::python::object(_ATTR_NAM(z));
#define _REGISTER_BOOST_ATTRIBUTES_REPEAT(x,y,z) if((_ATTR_FLG(z) & yade::Attr::noSave)==0) { ar & BOOST_SERIALIZATION_NVP(_ATTR_NAM(z)); }
#define _REGISTER_BOOST_ATTRIBUTES(baseClass,attrs) \
friend class boost::serialization::access; \
......@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@ class LawTester: public PartialEngine{
((vector<int>,pathSteps,((void)"(constant step)",vector<int>(1,1)),Attr::triggerPostLoad,"Step number for corresponding values in :yref:`path<LawTester.path>`; if shorter than path, distance between last 2 values is used for the rest."))
((vector<int>,_pathT,,(Attr::readonly|Attr::noSave),"Time value corresponding to points on path, computed from *pathSteps*. Length is always the same as path."))
((vector<Vector3r>,_pathV,,(Attr::readonly|Attr::noSave),"Path values, computed from *path* by appending zero initial value."))
((shared_ptr<Interaction>,I,,,"Interaction object being tracked."))
((shared_ptr<Interaction>,I,,(Attr::hidden),"Interaction object being tracked."))
((Vector3r,axX,,,"Local x-axis in global coordinates (normal of the contact) |yupdate|"))
((Vector3r,axY,,,"Local y-axis in global coordinates; perpendicular to axX; initialized arbitrarily, but tracked to be consistent. |yupdate|"))
((Vector3r,axZ,,Attr::noSave,"Local z-axis in global coordinates; computed from axX and axY. |yupdate|"))
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