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    1. Add scripts/test/force-network-video.py · 882a674e
    Chiara Modenese authored
    2. Rename attribute flags (Attr::readonly, Attr::triggerPostLoad etc)
    3. Detect whether display is available and store it in yade.runtime.hasDisplay (false by default); that restores the behavior of yade.qt, which raises ImportError at no display, and makes yade.plot consistent with tha variable as well
    4. Fix total running time for batches
    5. Do not send 0 refresh for finished job files (refreshes as frequently as possible, whereas no refresh was desired)
    6. Debian package depends on mencoder now
    7. qt.SnapshotEngine open the view automatically if needed (not very reliable, though)
    8. Add scripts/test/force-network-video.py
    9. Fixes in the OpenGLRenderer that avoid crashes; drawWithNames should draw shapes in the same place as draw witout names, making the selection consistent with what is seen (periodic boundaries etc)
    10. Move {ScGeom,Dem3DofGeom}::contactPoint to GenericSpheresContact
    11. Initial (not yet functional) implementation of the partial slip solution for Hertz-Mindlin (Mindlin-Deresiewitz)
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