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......@@ -111,7 +111,7 @@ This defines one runner entry.
| `tls-key-file` | File containing the private key to authenticate with the peer when using HTTPS |
| `limit` | Limit how many jobs can be handled concurrently by this token. `0` (default) simply means don't limit |
| `executor` | Select how a project should be built, see next section |
| `shell` | The name of shell to generate the script (default value is platform dependent) |
| `shell` | Name of shell to generate the script. Default value is [platform dependent](../shells/ |
| `builds_dir` | Directory where builds will be stored in context of selected executor (Locally, Docker, SSH) |
| `cache_dir` | Directory where build caches will be stored in context of selected executor (locally, Docker, SSH). If the `docker` executor is used, this directory needs to be included in its `volumes` parameter. |
| `environment` | Append or overwrite environment variables |
......@@ -54,6 +54,19 @@ usermod -aG docker gitlab-runner
usermod -aG vboxusers gitlab-runner
## Selecting your shell
GitLab Runner [supports certain shells](../shells/ To select a shell, specify it in your `config.toml` file. For example:
name = "shell executor runner"
executor = "shell"
shell = "powershell"
## Security
Generally it's unsafe to run tests with shell executors. The jobs are run with
......@@ -25,6 +25,8 @@ The currently supported shells are:
| `cmd` | Windows Batch script. All commands are executed in Batch context (default for Windows) |
| `powershell` | Windows PowerShell script. All commands are executed in PowerShell context |
If you want to select a particular shell to use other than the default, you will need to [specify the shell]( in your `config.toml` file.
## Sh/Bash shells
This is the default shell used on all Unix based systems. The bash script used
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