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add metronome

See merge request !38
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......@@ -38,6 +38,7 @@
<item component="ComponentInfo{org.jtb.alogcat/org.jtb.alogcat.LogActivity}" drawable="alogcat" />
<item component="ComponentInfo{}" drawable="alogcatroot" />
<item component="ComponentInfo{com.amaze.filemanager/com.amaze.filemanager.activities.MainActivity}" drawable="amaze" />
<item component="ComponentInfo{com.arnaud.metronome/.Metronome}" drawable="metronome" />
<item component="ComponentInfo{org.ametro/org.ametro.ui.activities.Map}" drawable="ametro" />
<item component="ComponentInfo{org.ametro/org.ametro.ui.MapViewActivity}" drawable="ametro" />
<item component="ComponentInfo{}" drawable="andbible" />
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