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This is the source for xonstatdb, the Xonotic Statistics database. All code herein is intended for the PostgreSQL database management server.

To build, first create the user that will own all of the objects in the database. You must run this as an administrator user in your cluster. See your operating system's guidelines for how this is set up on your system.

create user xonstat with password 'xonstat';

Note: please change this password

Or from the commandline:

# su - postgres  (as root)
postgres$ createuser -P xonstat  (this will prompt you for the users password)

Next, create the database itself:

$ psql


postgres=# \q

Next, as your regular system user, log into the newly created database using the user account you just created. Do this from the root directory of your project checkout.

$ psql -U xonstat xonstatdb

You might need to force postgres to not use ident, if you get an error like Peer authentication failed for user "xonstat":

$ psql -h localhost -U xonstat xonstatdb

Create the schema in which all of the xonstat tables will reside:


    AUTHORIZATION xonstat;

Create the plpgsql language, if it doesn't exist:


Now load the initial tables:

\i build/build_full.sql

Note: You will see a lot of NOTICE messages. This is normal.

And that's it!

Do note that there are a few maintenance scripts that can be used once the database begins accumulating data. These can be found in the scripts subdirectory. A summary of what they do follows:

update_elos.sql - will decrease player elo records by one point day for every day after 30 days of inactivity until they hit the elo "floor" of 100. This prevents inactive players from staying on the leaderboard/ranks for too long.

update_ranks.sql - will populate the player_ranks table each day according to the elo values when it is run.

There is also a "merge players" function in the functions sub- directory. This can be used to merge two players together into one record in the presentation layer of XonStat. It can be run as follows:

select merge_players(winner_player_id, loser_player_id);

The "winner" player ID is the account that remains active after the transaction.


Project is licensed GPLv3.