dockerized workflow for developing a theme for MyBB

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dockerized workflow for developing a theme for MyBB


Docker, follow the docker installation instructions if you don't currently have it installed.

(Optional) If you don't have docker-compose installed and would like to run it in inside a venv:

virtualenv -p /usr/bin/python3 venv
ln -s venv/bin/activate
source activate
pip install -r requirements-dev.txt

To run in development mode:

docker-compose up

This starts two containers:

  • db container running mysql
  • web container running apache

These are exposed on your host with ports 80, 443, 3306 for their respective services.

You can rebind the local ports in docker-compose.yml.


Visit http://localhost, on first run, you'll have to go through the installer; localhost will not work for the database hostname, you need to use the container link name, db.

To rephrase, the database settings are as follows:

DATABASE: mybb_db

After installation, you'll have to setup the theme. Login to the Admin CP, then navigate to Themes -> Import a Theme.

Select Local File and navigate to themes/ and upload the theme's .xml file, e.g. revoxono.xml.

image depicting the process of importing a theme


The mybb-theme-bridge has been integrated into this project, enabling developers to use their IDE to develop themes.

To get templates out of the database:

# open a shell on the container
docker-compose exec mybb /bin/bash
# inside the container
php tpl.php dump
# back on the host
sudo chown -R $USER:$USER data/templates/

After making changes to the template file, the can be synced back into the database with:

# inside the container
php tpl.php sync


  • Write a build script to output tagged releases of themes to another repository
  • Persist MyBB config (in progress)
  • Investigate automated MyBB installation (basically not easy)