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Update entities.ent

See merge request !102
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......@@ -235,12 +235,14 @@ Basic secret door. Slides back, then to the side. Angle determines direction. Op
<group name="func_group" color="0 .5 .8">
This is not an entity as such. It is strictly an editor utility to group world brushes and patches together for convenience (selecting, moving, copying, etc). You cannot group entities with this.
To select the func_group, either select it from the Entity List window, or select a bruch belonging to the func_group then use the menu option Edit -> Expand Selection To Primitives.
-------- Q3MAP2 KEYS --------
<real key="_lightmapscale" name="_lightmapscale">light map resolution factor</real>
<boolean key="_castshadows" name="_castshadows">Allows per-entity control over shadow casting. Defaults to 0 on entities, 1 on world. 0 = no shadow casting. 1 = cast shadows on world. &gt; 1 = cast shadows on entities with _rs (or _receiveshadows) with the corresponding value, AND world. Negative values imply same, but DO NOT cast shadows on world.</boolean>
<boolean key="_receiveshadows" name="_receiveshadows">Allows per-entity control over shadow reception. Defaults to 1 on everything (world shadows). 0 = receives NO shadows. &gt; 1 = receive shadows only from corresponding keyed entities (see above) and world. &lt; 1 = receive shadows ONLY from corresponding keyed entities.</boolean>
<texture key="_celshader" name="_celshader">Sets the cel shader used for this geometry. Note: omit the &quot;textures/&quot; prefix.</texture>
-------- KEYS --------
<targetname key="targetname" name="targetname">if set, defines the label name for the func_group within the Entity List window.</targetname>
<texture key="_indexmap" name="_indexmap">Path/name for the TGA file used to guide the mapping of textures on the terrain surface.</texture>
<integer key="_layers" name="_layers">number of unique root shaders that will be use on the terrain.</integer>
<texture key="_shader" name="_shader">Path to the metashader used to assign textures to the terrain entity. Note: Omit the &quot;textures/&quot; prefix.</texture>
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