Commit d78c1f16 authored by Mario's avatar Mario

Merge branch 'sev/luma_itemstime' into 'master'

Small icon updates for itemstime panel

I made a few revisions after the merge of the itemstime panel:

- Because HUD icons are inherited from the default theme, it is unnecessary to add identical icons to the luminos theme.
So I removed them to save some space.

- There already are icons for the strength and shield powerups, it is redundant to add second versions.
However, the quality of the new icons is a lot better than the old ones, so I moved
`default/item_shield` and `default/item_strength` to `default/shield` and `default/strength`.

- To match these new powerup icons, I updated the buff and superweapons icons.

- I added new icons to the Luma theme.

See merge request !169
parents c6198cfe ace30b72
......@@ -4615,11 +4615,11 @@ string GetItemsTimePicture(float i)
case 0: return "item_large_armor";
case 1: return "item_mega_health";
case 2: return "item_strength";
case 3: return "item_shield";
case 2: return "strength";
case 3: return "shield";
case 4: return "item_mega_health";
case 5: return "item_strength";
case 6: return "item_shield";
case 5: return "strength";
case 6: return "shield";
case 7: return "fuelregen";
case 8: return "jetpack";
case 9: return "superweapons";
......@@ -4643,7 +4643,7 @@ void DrawItemsTimeItem(vector myPos, vector mySize, float ar, float itemcode, fl
picalpha = BLINK_BASE + BLINK_FACTOR * cos(time * BLINK_FREQ);
picalpha = 0.3;
picalpha = 0.5;
t = floor(item_time - time + 0.999);
if(t < 5)
color = '0.7 0 0';
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