Commit 9e55f951 authored by Rudolf Polzer's avatar Rudolf Polzer

Merge branch 'sev/legacy_char_replacement' into 'master'

Legacy Character Replacements

This is a minor issue, sorry for the bother. AFAIK, there are two remaining uses of legacy characters,
which are blurry and do not support drop shadows:

- The >>> downloading sign on the scoreboard
- The ... used in front of trailing chat message lines (if the chat message exceeds one line)

This branch replaces the dowloading sign with a proper Unicode character.

However, I did not manage to find where the chat "ellipsis" is defined.
I assume the legacy character is U+E007 (\xEE\x80\x87), to be replaced with a periodcentered U+00B7 (\xC2\xB7), or a plain period. Yet I had not luck grepping my way through qcsrc and darkplaces.

See merge request !67
parents 232bb770 d6f8374f
......@@ -519,7 +519,7 @@ string HUD_GetField(entity pl, float field)
case SP_PING:
if (!pl.gotscores)
return "\xEE\x82\x8D\xEE\x82\x8D\xEE\x82\x8D"; // >>> sign
return "\xE2\x96\xB6\xE2\x96\xB6\xE2\x96\xB6"; // >>> sign using U+25B6
//str = getplayerkeyvalue(pl.sv_entnum, "ping");
f =;
if(f == 0)
......@@ -1088,7 +1088,7 @@ vector HUD_DrawMapStats(vector pos, vector rgb, vector bg_size) {
float stat_monsters_killed, stat_monsters_total;
float rows = 0;
string val;
// get monster stats
stat_monsters_killed = getstatf(STAT_MONSTERS_KILLED);
stat_monsters_total = getstatf(STAT_MONSTERS_TOTAL);
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