Commit 7575cbed authored by Rudolf Polzer's avatar Rudolf Polzer

better spacing in firstrun dialog

parent 7e70d28a
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ CLASS(XonoticFirstRunDialog) EXTENDS(XonoticRootDialog)
ATTRIB(XonoticFirstRunDialog, title, string, _("Welcome"))
ATTRIB(XonoticFirstRunDialog, color, vector, SKINCOLOR_DIALOG_FIRSTRUN)
ATTRIB(XonoticFirstRunDialog, intendedWidth, float, 0.6)
ATTRIB(XonoticFirstRunDialog, rows, float, 14)
ATTRIB(XonoticFirstRunDialog, rows, float, 15)
ATTRIB(XonoticFirstRunDialog, columns, float, 3)
ATTRIB(XonoticFirstRunDialog, name, string, "FirstRun")
ATTRIB(XonoticFirstRunDialog, playerNameLabel, entity, NULL)
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