Commit 671c0515 authored by TimePath's avatar TimePath

Force arc to always play pitch shifted hitsounds for consistency

parent 466ca310
......@@ -449,7 +449,9 @@ void UpdateHitsound()
// varying sound pitch
static float hitsound_time_prev = 0;
if (COMPARE_INCREASING(time, hitsound_time_prev) > autocvar_cl_hitsound_antispam_time)
// HACK: the only way to get the arc to sound consistent with pitch shift is to ignore cl_hitsound_antispam_time
float arc_hack = activeweapon == WEP_ARC && autocvar_cl_hitsound >= 2;
if (arc_hack || COMPARE_INCREASING(time, hitsound_time_prev) > autocvar_cl_hitsound_antispam_time)
if (autocvar_cl_hitsound && unaccounted_damage)
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