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    Balanced Raptor and Racer a bit · cf3bcb95
    Erik Schilling authored
    The Raptor was a bit strong and was a general purpose weapon against
    everything. It is now a lot weaker against other Raptors (no aim helper
    anymore) and a bit weaker against racers (a bit harder to hit) while
    still being the weapon of choice against spiderbots (if you manager to
    get it up). To prevent the racer from taking out the weaker raptors too
    easily the locking time was set up to make it harder to lock on them.
    Locking on a raptor which did not notice you is easily possible. But
    having a duel with a raptor is a lot harder/interesting.
    All in all this works out nicely balance wise (tested for a couple of
    weeks on MoN Vehicle Server) and allows far more interesting fights in
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