Commit e64a2a1d authored by Samual's avatar Samual

Don't let eventchase put the view into the ceiling when you die

parent 290e3daa
......@@ -483,7 +483,16 @@ void CSQC_UpdateView(float w, float h)
if(spectatee_status >= 0 && (autocvar_cl_eventchase_death && is_dead) || intermission)
// make special vector since we can't use view_origin (It is one frame old as of this code, it gets set later with the results this code makes.)
vector current_view_origin = ((csqcplayer ? csqcplayer.origin : pmove_org) + autocvar_cl_eventchase_viewoffset);
vector current_view_origin = (csqcplayer ? csqcplayer.origin : pmove_org);
// detect maximum viewoffset and use it
WarpZone_TraceLine(current_view_origin, current_view_origin + autocvar_cl_eventchase_viewoffset + ('0 0 1' * autocvar_cl_eventchase_maxs_z), MOVE_WORLDONLY, self);
current_view_origin_z +=
(trace_fraction * autocvar_cl_eventchase_viewoffset_z)
// We must enable chase_active to get a third person view (weapon viewmodel hidden and own player model showing).
// Ideally, there should be another way to enable third person cameras, such as through setproperty()
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