Commit 35f8f68f authored by Rudolf Polzer's avatar Rudolf Polzer
parents 678efa11 24ad2e2d
......@@ -284,7 +284,7 @@ seta sv_defaultplayermodel_pink "" "\"\" means see sv_defaultplayermodel"
seta sv_defaultplayerskin_pink 0
seta sv_defaultplayercolors "" "set to 16*shirt+pants to force a color, note: it does NOT depend on defaultcharacter! Set to \"\" to disable"
set sv_autoscreenshot 0 "if set to 1, the server forces all clients to create a local screenshot once the map ended"
net_messagetimeout 300
net_messagetimeout 30
net_connecttimeout 30
sv_jumpstep 1 // step up stairs while jumping, makes it easier to reach ledges
set ekg 0 "Throw huge amounts of gibs"
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