Commit 24ad2e2d authored by Samual's avatar Samual

Change net_messagetimeout from 300 to 30 seconds (testing, can change back

if it breaks), reasoning: It is not possible to reconnect and resume old
client connections in Nexuiz or Xonotic, so when a client dies it merely
sits there for 300 seconds OR until it is kicked by admin or vote (which
is what happens the majority of the time now)
parent 71b72b06
......@@ -284,7 +284,7 @@ seta sv_defaultplayermodel_pink "" "\"\" means see sv_defaultplayermodel"
seta sv_defaultplayerskin_pink 0
seta sv_defaultplayercolors "" "set to 16*shirt+pants to force a color, note: it does NOT depend on defaultcharacter! Set to \"\" to disable"
set sv_autoscreenshot 0 "if set to 1, the server forces all clients to create a local screenshot once the map ended"
net_messagetimeout 300
net_messagetimeout 30
net_connecttimeout 30
sv_jumpstep 1 // step up stairs while jumping, makes it easier to reach ledges
set ekg 0 "Throw huge amounts of gibs"
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