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    • Zack Middleton's avatar
      Fix over allocating vertexes for OBJ models with multiple surfaces · 3705dcfe
      Zack Middleton authored
      Loading Wavefront OBJ models in picomodel (used by radiant and q3map2)
      did not reset the surface vertex index when starting a new surface. This
      caused there to be unused vertexes, equal to the number of vertexes in
      all previous surfaces, at the beginning of each surface. Exponential OBJ
      vertex memory usage as number of surfaces increases. It did not affect
      displaying or processing the surface faces.
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      Merge branch 'gamepack-manager' into 'master' · 2b4ec849
      Mario authored
      new gamepack-manager script to download and install game packs
      See merge request !98
    • Thomas Debesse's avatar
      new gamepack-manager script to download and install game packs · d8d8fd49
      Thomas Debesse authored
      New gamepack-manager script to download and install game packs
      Just run `./gamepack-manager -h` to get an extensive help.
      It obsoletes:
      - `download-gamepacks.sh`
      - `install-gamepack.sh`
      - `install-gamepacks.sh`
      New cmake options to configure game pack downloading
      They must be used with `DOWNLOAD_GAMEPACKS=ON`
      If set to `none`, those extra filters are not used.
      By default `GAMEPACK_LICENSE` filters for free licenses only.
      By default `GAMEPACK_NAME` does not filter anything.
      Configure to only fetch free game packs:
      cmake .. \
      Configure to only fetch Xonotic and Unvanquished game packs:
      cmake .. \
      	-DGAMEPACKS_NAME="Xonotic Unvanquished"
      Configure to only fetch GPL game packs and Quake2 game pack:
      cmake .. \
      Fetch the game packs:
      make game_packs
      Note that it also works on `install` stage.
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      Print name of undefined OBJ material · 81467c46
      Zack Middleton authored
      From Garux's netradiant-custom fork.
    • Zack Middleton's avatar
      Print OBJ/MTL filename in all picomodel OBJ loader messages · 54ae19e5
      Zack Middleton authored
      Filename was previously only displayed in OBJ fatal error.
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  12. 03 Oct, 2018 3 commits
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    • Thomas Debesse's avatar
      Drop Windows 9x support · 7418c509
      Thomas Debesse authored
      - Windows 98 was using `%windir%\Application Data` without defining `%APPDATA%`
      - Writing user config in `C:\netradiant` looked fine on single user OS driving FAT file system
      - We can't build for Windows platforms that does not support `%APPDATA%`
      - Windows XP Schrödinger edition is able to define `%APPDATA%` while being dead at the same time
      - Even ReactOS 3.11 for Workgroups defines `%APPDATA%`
      - Wine defines `%APPDATA%` like a boss
      - Twenty first century is now a thing
      - NetRadiant will never run on OpenGEM/FreeDOS (and that's a shame)
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      Merge branch 'illwieckz/vfs' fix !101 · fda16399
      Thomas Debesse authored